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Our 03 number costs the same to call as a standard 01/02 number. Whether from landlines or mobiles

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We stock the very latest in fire extinguishing technology, from fixed wall extinguishers to mobile extinguishers. We can supply brand name extinguishers and help with the positioning and fixing of all our extinguishers. All that you need to do is give us a call and let us know of your requirements.

A range of the latest brand name extinguishers

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As well as the installation of all your fire extinguishing equipment, we can also offer maintenance packages, to ensure that all of your fire equipment is in working order. Please call to discuss.

Who we can help:

• Large blue chip companies

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Colleges

• Offices

• Listed buildings

If you are unsure of how your commercial premises can be improved in terms of fire safety, speak with us today and arrange a full consultation with one of our experts. It's better to call us now and prevent a potential problem, than to learn the hard way.

Need advice on fire protection?

On top of fire extinguishers themselves, we can help to install alarms, emergency lighting, gas suppression systems and water mist systems. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified, and we are fully insured.

What else do we offer?

Installation and maintenance

Having fire extinguishers in the most effective places is one thing, but having the best equipment is another. Here, we can help with both.