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Fire safety systems save lives, correct installation and maintenance are vital in meeting your legal obligation for your sites fire safety. Our strategy is based on years of experience and knowledge of fire safety regulations. Incorrect or inadaquate installations can, and do, lead to criminal convictions and insurance problems. We supply the correct certification for any work carried out, to cover your responsibilites and give peace of mind.

Strategic fire alarm installations

Get equipped with the latest  in fire alarm technology.

The very latest in fire alarm systems

We have stock of and programming capabilities for major brands such as Notifier, Gent, Ampac, Kentec, Menvier, Morley, Ziton, Advance, and wireless systems such as EMS, EDA and Hyfire

amoung many others.

Continued support

Speak with us today and we can arrange for maintenance contracts, so that we can ensure that your new alarms are working as they should; monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Because we stock such a range of fire alarms, we can cater to your specific needs and budget. Simply call us today to discuss.

Alarms catered to your needs

It's never convenient when you need to call in a fire safety technician, and although it's often necessary, it always seems like such a hassle and bother to get the work done. Right? Wrong. Speak with us, and you won't believe how easy we can make it for you. We'll come out when it suits you, offer you a comprehensive consultation, and we'll even work at a budget that suits you. With us, it's as easy as that.

Making fire safety as simple as it should be

Installing a modern fire alarm couldn't be more important in today's world. Speak with us and we could have a technician over to install the alarm to suit you in no time.

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